Spotlight on Eleanor Dessart

We asked Eleanor Dessart, our Fall Nonprofit Management Intern, a few questions to get to know her better.

What does a week look like for you?
My week starts hectic with a three-hour Monday class, followed by a group meeting for a research project we’re working on this semester about refugee resettlement. I then spend the remainder of the day on homework assignments and will often take a break to read up on foster care news, class actions, and other industry-related articles. My responsibilities for FAPAC involve scheduling mass emails, drafting social media posts, updating databases, researching upcoming events in the area, and supporting the team with their tasks and projects.What drew you to FAPAC?
When I was seeking an internship for this Fall, I knew I wanted to be in DC and focus on the foster care/adoption community, partly because of my own adoption experience and because this sector has been the center of my academic interests the past few years. When I came across FAPAC, I saw its unique focus on supporting the resource parents, kinship caregivers, and foster care youth. While I had initially sought out working with children and teens directly, FAPAC presented an opportunity to support them by advocating for the caregivers and focusing on the familial needs as a whole.

Anything else you want us to know about you?
This semester, something I’ve been prioritizing is balance and well-being. Allowing myself to take breaks is something I’ve struggled with for years now. Still, I’ve found something as small as journaling for five minutes, taking a quick walk around the block, or setting a timer and letting yourself read a few pages of a book for 15-20 minutes each day helps you feel more relaxed and productive. Burnout is accurate, and I’d encourage anyone to find comfort in slowing down a bit, even if you feel too busy to do so!

What do you hope to achieve at FAPAC?
During my time at FAPAC, I hope to develop new relationships, leave with greater confidence than I came in with, and learn a lot, whether that’s discovering more about the industry, grasping new technology and software, or figuring out the kind of leader and community member I want to be.

What are your career/job goals, and where do you see yourself in 5/10 years?
I’m set to graduate this Spring as a Junior, but my career plans are a little hazy! Perhaps in a few years from now, I’ll make my way back to school for a law or social work degree, but for the time being, I’m exploring my options and hoping to end up in DC (my favorite city.)