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Spotlight on Janet Miller

We asked Janet Miller, our grants manager, a few questions to get to know her better.

What does a typical week at FAPAC look like for you?
As the Grants Manager, most of my time is spent writing grant applications, reporting our progress to grant providers, researching new opportunities, checking different databases, looking at 990 forms, and updating the database so that FAPAC can send its year-end reports. I then document FAPAC’s programs and our accomplishments so that I can better inform our audience.

What did you do before FAPAC? 
Before FAPAC, I worked for and collaborated with small to large nonprofits and for-profit organizations in Annapolis. I handled marketing and administration until finding my niche in grants management. I love working on behalf of nonprofits for the positive and impactful programs they deliver, from after-school programs, mental health, homelessness, food and pantry, and group/family homes. I enjoy looking for different topics, setting goals and objectives, and meeting them.

What is your favorite part of working at FAPAC or in nonprofits?
My favorite parts of FAPAC are the team and how well we hold up and get things done. We are given much independence, allowing me to do my work freely. FAPAC’s big thing is identifying and structuring the program around that need. Once programs are implemented, we assess our progress and potential improvements, and if they are not successful, we find better programs.

Your position is mainly done remotely. What motivates you, and how do you stay on top of your work? 
To stay motivated, I focus on lists and targets on what I need to do daily. This helps me prioritize things. The staff meetings are great because it helps me get back on track while giving me updates on what projects my colleagues are working on. It makes you feel more connected, especially when communication is always significant for me.

Thank you Janet for your amazing work at FAPAC!