For National Intern Day, FAPAC Honors Ryan Robinson, Non-Profit Management Intern

How was the internship?

I loved that there was so much autonomy in my role! FAPAC gave me the freedom to improve my skills while working on many projects. It was nice to see everyone be in charge of their part and have the independence to do their job while getting support from the Executive Director. It was nice to be recognized for my work and receive reassurance on my efforts and how well I was doing. This motivated me to work even harder. I found it incredible that FAPAC provides so much support and resources to its staff while fulfilling its mission to the public.

What did you learn?

I learned a lot! My prior experience came from large corporations, so this is my first time working at a nonprofit. I always wondered about the relationship between for-profits and nonprofits and how they worked together to achieve good work. FAPAC taught me the connection and how organizations can better partner to achieve great things. I also learned about financial management, fundraising, and marketing.

What are your plans after FAPAC?

I plan on completing a Master of Business Administration and a Master of Science in Human Resource Management from West Virginia University. I am focused on opportunities in Human Resources, and my goal is to have an internship that falls in this field soon. While I live in West Virginia, I would like to move to DC or another metropolitan area. I am not opposed to trying something new!

From everyone in the FAPAC family, we want to thank Ryan for all the fantastic work he has done for this organization and wish him the best of luck!