202-269-9441 info@dcfapac.org


Advocacy Request Form



      1. Complete the advocacy request form thoroughly
      2. You will receive a confirmation email
      3. When you receive a confirmation email, reply to indicate that you want us to move forward and advocate for you
      4. Allow at least 3 days for our team to follow up with you, however if it is a medical emergency please call 911, and your support care worker at CFSA
      5. If you do not hear from us within 3 days, please email info@dcfapac.org


      1. Be patient with us as we look further into your situation to find the best way to support you
      2. If we find that other families are facing the same issue, we may determine this is a systemic issue, which will take longer to resolve for the long-term
      3. We are mandated reporters, if we believe there is a possible case of abuse or neglect
      4. We keep your information confidential, and will not share your name during our advocacy efforts, unless you give us permission to do so
      5. If you have questions, email info@dcfapac.org or call 202-269-9441