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FAPAC's monthly support group provides a safe place for people parenting children through the DC child welfare system to talk and connect with their peers.
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Cultivating an Anti-Racist Family Community

December 10, 2020


June 2, 2020

Dear FAPAC community,

Today we are raw. Although we live with the impact of racism through our own eyes and the eyes of our children every day, there are days we can compartmentalize this reality and continue to work, to play, to live.

Today we cannot compartmentalize. George Floyd's murder and the resulting expression of outrage shown by protests throughout the country have exploded us out from any place of safety in which we were living - or even hiding.

Dear FAPAC friends,

We want to extend our wishes for health and safety for your families, friends and communities. As we all seek to find new footing to touch ground during this crisis, we wanted to share FAPAC's program updates in response to the new virtual world upon us.

FAPAC staff is currently working from home and continues to be available by phone and email for individual support. Our overarching focus is to keep our parent community well supported so that children will stay stable and safe and not experience any more stress than is inevitable in this time.

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"FAPAC has provided a safe haven for me as a foster parent to go for support and good advice on many areas that come up while taking the city's children into my home. Just knowing that they are there and the mission that they have established makes me feel so much better about what I do as a foster parent."

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