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Spotlight on Taylor Lewis

We asked Taylor Lewis, our Youth Summit Project Lead, a few questions to get to know her better.

What exactly do you do for FAPAC?

As the youth Summit Project lead, my responsibilities involve designing and executing the Youth Summit that will take place from May 5-7th, 2023. My days vary, but the main component is the same; looking into the logistic items needed to plan a holistic learning experience for youth, and a lot of time is used scaling items I can address to the planning committee. We are also bringing in youth interns, analyzing their learning styles, and tailoring them to fit them best while taking their feedback and manifesting actionable steps. Our purpose is to give these youth interns high-quality job skills that prepare them for in-person, remote, and hybrid work.

What did you do before FAPAC? 

I have over a decade of experience developing and managing youth programming and providing holistic learning content, products, resources, and services for all life stages of youth labeled as “at-risk.” I do not like the label “at-risk” and prefer saying young people need extra partnership. I focus on a holistic approach to youth development.

Can you explain the holistic approach and how it applies to your role?

The holistic approach focuses on balancing four key components; mental health and wellness, building relationships, post-secondary college & career paths, and understanding your rights and resources. If I have to choose, I prioritize building relationships because adults are responsible for forming relationships when you are a child. Transitioning to adulthood can be difficult because the former youth have to take on more responsibilities in their life, which focus heavily on communication and networking skills. Communication is essential to creating, developing, and maintaining relationships. More responsibility equals more power and independence.

What is your favorite part of working at FAPAC or in this industry?

Working for youth has always been rewarding, and it is an excellent reminder that all things I am doing are necessary. I aim to become an expert in developing holistic learning experiences for youth. I want to take my passion for writing articles and blog posts and understanding the best practices for communicating with youth and adults. It would be great to provide this for FAPAC and its families.

What would you like to see FAPAC do for its employees or families? 

As FAPAC moves to youth programming, I would love to see a holistic balance and introduce more mental health events, employment, relationship building, and just about having fun. Building a community is essential, and I would like to see more events provided to families and build those relationships.