Margie Chalofsky

As of Feb 3, 2021, Margie has passed on the torch of Executive Director and will remain at FAPAC in her new role of Director of Advocacy. This will include systemic advocacy, individual support for families and training. Margie Chalofsky is the founding Executive Director of FAPAC. Margie earned her master’s degree in rehabilitation counseling and worked for many years with adults and children with disabilities as well as with children living in shelters. During that time, she co-authored a book, Changing Places, for children living in shelters. In 1993, Margie and her family became a DC foster family and subsequently an adoptive family, leading to her entry into the world of child welfare. Prior to launching FAPAC, Margie worked as the Program Manager for Recruitment and Training at For Love of Children, and as a member of Montgomery County (MD) Citizen’s Review Board for Children. Margie possesses a personal and life-long commitment to advocacy and activism.