Foster and Adoptive
Parent Advocacy Center

An independent advocacy organization Improving the lives of children from the DC foster system.

Healing Children by Empowering Families

Program Scope

Happiness. FAPAC provides comprehensive support and training to enable foster, kinship, and adoptive parents to access services needed to care for children who have experienced neglect and abuse, and to develop skills to serve as advocates for themselves and their peers. We work to build critical bridges between foster parents and birth parents, and to provide skills and support to help families stay strong so they will not have to enter the foster care system.

The Core of Our Work

The Continuum of Needs of the District's Children and Families We focus our work in the following areas:

Systemic Advocacy

The very heart of all our work, our systemic advocacy has been profoundly impactful and has led to many critical advancements in policies, practices and protocols that significantly improve the lives of the District's children and families, including 24/7 on-call crisis intervention; improved procedures for health and behavioral health access for children in care; access to post-adoption services; and placement procedures that provide critical information and improve immediate support for families; and many other critical improvements.

"With all the joy there have been challenges. Without the advice, support and information received through FAPAC I would have prematurely given up believing I didn't have what it takes to be a foster parent."
          - T. J. foster and adoptive parent

Core.Individual and Group Support

We provide individual and peer group support to meet the complex challenges of parenting children within a government system. Additionally, to respond to the shift in District--and national- -practice as it moves to an increased effort to try to support families to prevent foster care placement and to more quickly reunify the families whose children are removed, FAPAC has responded by providing a prevention program built on support and parent education. Two parents who have been deeply impacted by this group are Carla and Troy who found FAPAC after receiving a court mandate to attend parenting classes in order to reunify with their baby.

"This group was life changing. It changed my attitude about parenting and was the best thing I could have done with my time. I am going to keep coming even when it is over--what can we do to extend it? This can't end! It saved my life."
          - Carla, FGST participant


FAPAC conducts training that provides essential information to prepare and support the District's foster, kinship, and adoptive parents to best meet the complex needs of the children in their homes.

"From the trainings to walking me through how to deal with a child in crisis, FAPAC has been there for me. They work tirelessly to improve upon a system that needs much work and adjustments.They celebrate with us, cry with us and roll up their sleeves for us whenever and wherever they can."
          - D.F, foster parent

Our Motto:
"If you think you are too small to be effective,
you have never been in bed with a mosquito."
~ Bette Reese ~

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