When I went through some of my most difficult days, FAPAC stood beside me, offering me support, guidance and believing in me and my role in my son’s life.” – Foster Parent

FAPAC provides comprehensive support and training to enable foster, kinship, and adoptive parents to access services needed to care for children who have experienced neglect and abuse, and to develop skills to serve as advocates for themselves and their peers. We work to build critical bridges between foster parents and birth parents, and to provide skills and support to help families stay strong so they will not have to enter the foster care system.


With the leadership of our champion advocate and founder, Margie, we champion the needs of foster families and children on an individual basis as well as using a legislative platform to bring effective change to the child welfare system. LEARN MORE

Support & Trainings

We train prospective and current foster parents on navigating the foster care system, all while meeting the needs of foster children. Trainings and individual support are offered frequently. We’ve recently enhanced our support programs by including racial equity focused workshops. LEARN MORE


We train birth parents to enhance parenting techniques and communication with their children. Improved parenting skills ultimately lead to compassionate parenting styles that prevent child welfare intervention. LEARN MORE

Resource Connections

We provide families with invaluable resources and provide pathways to sustain connectivity. We believe in forging deep connections with other organizations to bring the most resources to the families we serve. LEARN MORE