Who does FAPAC help?
FAPAC ‘s programs serve families of the District and resource parents of DC children residing in Maryland or other jurisdictions. FAPAC’s systemic advocacy focuses upon issues and needs of children and families served by the DC child welfare system. Our direct service programs serve resource parents of children from the DC child welfare system (including post adoption and guardianship) as well as any DC parent who may benefit from our parent support and education programs.

What services does FAPAC provide?
FAPAC is an organization dedicated to positive systemic change of the District’s child welfare system. In a model that pairs advocacy with partnership, FAPAC works to improve practices, policies and regulations that impact DC’s children and families. Additionally, we provide direct individual and group support and training services.

Does FAPAC provide legal help?
We are not attorneys but we provide referrals as appropriate.

Is FAPAC part of the District government?
No, we are a private 501(c)(3) organization incorporated in the District of Columbia.

How is FAPAC funded?
FAPAC is funded primarily through foundation grants, individual contributions and fee-for-service contracts. No funding is accepted that will compromise our advocacy efforts.

Does FAPAC charge for services?
All of our programs are free for families. Fees may be charged to organizations or professionals.

How do you join FAPAC?
FAPAC is not a membership organization. You do not have to join to be served. However, we rely upon donations to survive so we appreciate your support at any time!