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Advocacy Overview

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The founding reason for FAPAC's existence, systemic advocacy is at the very heart of all our work. FAPAC's system advocacy is based upon our vision of strong prevention programs to keep families intact; high quality, well- trained and supported foster family placements when children do need to come into care; serious efforts towards reunification and other permanency; and meaningful and effective post permanency services to support children and families and keep them stable and healthy. Our systemic advocacy agenda is framed by the real and current experiences of our families as well as our own expertise. Utilizing our model that links advocacy and partnership, our systemic work includes advocacy for policies, practices and legislation that will improve the lives of our children and families. FAPAC is highly respected as a stakeholder advocacy group and community partner, and has been responsible for facilitating many significant systemic changes that have positively impacted the lives of children and families served by the DC child welfare system.


Family Link is a system wide effort to promote and support "shared parenting" between birth and foster families for the benefit of children served by the DC foster care system. Currently, a reflection of shifting nationwide trends, DC's initiative was launched and is promoted by FAPAC through our partnership with DC's Child and Family Services Agency. Through this multi-faceted effort, we have developed a number of comprehensive initiatives that intentionally give the opportunity to come together in safe and supported ways. These initiatives include: facilitated "icebreaker" meetings, a monthly foster parent peer support group, presentations for professionals, foster parent in-service trainings, a holiday celebration that intentionally brings together families to "break bread" and "tool kits" with concrete tools that parents can use as part of their shared parenting practice.

In an effort to integrateshared parenting into daily practice, FAPAC continues to pass components onto CFSA. Please note that the Family Link website and theIcebreaker Programhave been transferred. Icebreakers are coordinatedand facilitated by CFSA staff trained in family engagement. To request an icebreaker, please see link below. Soon, shared parenting trainings will also be offered "in-house" at CFSA.

For more information on Family Link, please see the links below for Family Link materials developed by FAPAC for CFSA use.

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Tool Kit for Resource Parents | cfsa

Tips for Resource Parents - cfsa | child and family [pdf]

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