Najiba Hlemi

Najiba Hlemi is an experienced nonprofit leader with a passion for public service; she brings nearly a decade of experience directing unions, associations and charity organizations. She earned a Master’s...

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Marilyn Egerton

A native Washingtonian, Marilyn Egerton has served as FAPAC’s Deputy Director since its inception. She and her husband, Eddie, have fostered more than three dozen vulnerable young people at particularly...

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Margie Chalofsky

As of Feb 3, 2021, Margie has passed on the torch of Executive Director and will remain at FAPAC in her new role of Director of Advocacy. This will include...

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Marianne “Toni” Carr

A native Washingtonian, Marianne “Toni” Carr first worked with FAPAC from 2008-2013 as the Administrative Coordinator. Toni stayed committed to the FAPAC family through involvement on a part-time, contractual basis,...

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Donna Lynne Flenory

Donna Flenory is a foster parent for the District of Columbia’s Child and Family Services Agency (CFSA) who specializes in fostering teens. Born and raised in Hope, Arkansas, Donna was...

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S. Kathryn Allen

S. Kathryn Allen is a real estate and banking attorney who lives and works in Washington, DC. She is Co-President of Answer Title, a real estate settlement and escrow company...

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Dane A. Donaldson

Dane A. Donaldson has been a foster parent since 2009, fostering toddlers, pre-teens and teens/older youth. Dane is also on the advisory board for the Columbia House for the blind. He brings a lot...

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Brian Topping

Brian Topping has been a foster parent with the DC Child and Family Services Agency since 2011. Brian and his spouse Kate have two children and two dogs.  They have fostered several children in...

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Daniel Amador

Daniel came to FAPAC through his pro-bono consulting work in the DMV with Deloitte Consulting. He was inspired to join the board after working with FAPAC staff and board members...

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Terri Carson Braxton

Terri Carson Braxton has been involved with local and national membership organizations for over a decade and has spent the last 25 years serving vulnerable children and families. She brings...

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Telaekah Brooks, JD

Telaekah Brooks is a current foster and adoptive parent with the Department of Child and Family Services in Washington, DC. In addition, she serves as a cluster co- leader, with her partner...

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Dr. Cassandra Carter

Dr. Cassandra Carter has over a decade of experience working with grant-based programs, health disparities research, and Juvenile Justice programming. She has a passion for working with youth and empowering...

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Antoneia Jackson

Patricia Antoneia (Toni) Jackson is a foster parent with DC’s Child & Family Services Agency(CFSA) and a proud, adoptive mother of 6 year-old twins. Toni grew up in Silver Spring, MD...

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Craig Lustig

Craig Lustig has been a foster parent and is the proud adoptive parent, with his spouse Pete Carter, of a son. Craig is a New York native, moving to Washington,...

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Judith Sandalow

Judith Sandalow is Executive Director of the Children’s Law Center, which provides legal services to at-risk children and their families and advocates for changes in the law and its implementation....

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Lou Steadwell

A longtime resident, Lou Steadwell moved to the District of Columbia from Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1978 where he was Director of Site Operations for a national study of childcare and...

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